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Our Frequently Asked Questions page has all the information you need to get started

Visa Service

  • What is the process for me to receive immigration Advice

    There are 2 main stages to our Immigration Services.

    Stage 1: is a consultation. This is where we identify the relevant facts of your case & provide you with advice about your immigration options.

    Stage 2: is where we handle your case for you. This may be a visa application, or an application for Review with a tribunal. You may need a submission for a specific waiver or Department request for information. Here we do a large amount of work for you to achieve your immigration outcome.

  • I am not able to come into your office, what other ways can I receive a consultation

    For our interstate and overseas clients, or clients who prefer not to come into our office, we offer comprehensive consultation via Phone, Email or Skype/Video Conference. No matter what method you choose, we make sure you receive the same thorough advice and information.

  • What do I need to do to prepare for our consultation

    Once we have set a time and date for your consultation, we will email you a confirmation and will send you a reminder email the day before your appointment. We will also send you a consultation form for you to complete and return to us at least 24 hours before your appointment. By completing this form you will be providing us with information that allows us to have a better understanding of your case before the actual consultation and ensure you get the most out of your consultation.

  • Is there a fee for the consultation

    For Immigration Consultations our fee is AUD$220 per hour. If you proceed with us to handle your visa application or appeal, we will credit your consultation fee against your package fee.

  • What will I receive in a consultation

    We will gather the facts of your case and apply the relevant immigration law to your circumstances. In each consultation you will receive:

    1. Clear options for your immigration strategy
    2. The milestones you need to meet to achieve your visa approval
    3. Key dates in relation to your immigration strategy
    4. Guidance on current processing times and fees.
    5. All possible visa option(s) available to you.
  • What If I am not eligible for a visa

    Our consultations provide you with a complete assessment of your immigration options in Australia. The work involved in determining that someone is not eligible for a visa is often more difficult as we need to exclude every possibility. Our service is a complete professional service and therefore a fee applies as we still need to take the time to research and provide complete advice in each case.

  • Why Should I use an agent

    Immigration law is complex, and one false move can cause a visa refusal or cancellation (which can have serious consequences for the visa applicant). Trusting the advice of non-professionals, or even Immigration Department materials can be misleading or dangerous. We know the ins and outs and only work for you, not for the government. Please refer to our page “why choose us

  • Why should I use Dragon Gate for my visa

    We are an innovative, highly-qualified firm that prides ourselves on giving cutting edge advice. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and promise to do whatever it takes to get you the result you need, often at our own expense since all our work is quoted up front. There are no hidden fees with us. Please refer to our page “why choose us

  • How much will it all cost

    Every visa subclass carries different amounts of work. Also, each individual case will be different in the work load required. Therefore, we provide individual cost estimates for every client based on the information we determine in our consultation stage. We will also be able to provide you with the Government charges and other disbursement costs required for each visa subclass available to you in your immigration strategy.


  • When should I apply for my next course if I am currently studying a course in Australia

    You should apply for your course as soon as possible. Ideally 5 months prior to your course starting. However, some institutions do not take this long to process the applications. Australian universities have 2 intakes a year. The end of February is the start of the university year and semester 2 starts in July. The VET sector has similar intakes, although, some institutions have intakes in April and September and others have ongoing enrolment.

  • When should I apply for my course if I am outside Australia

    You should apply for your course as soon as possible. Ideally 5 months prior to your course starting. However, some institutions do not take this long to process the applications. Australian universities have 2 intakes a year. The end of February is the start of the university year and semester 2 starts in July. The VET sector has similar intakes, although, some institutions have intakes in April and September and others have ongoing enrolment.

  • How much will it cost if I use Dragon Gate Migration to act as my education agent

    Dragon Gate Migration generally offers education services free of charge. We are usually paid commissions by the education providers so we don't need to charge you for out professional time. In most cases we can provide significant discount on our visa service at the same time.

  • What help can Dragon Gate Migration provide

    Dragon Gate Migration can help you with your goal to study in Australia from the beginning to the end. We will:

    • Provide counselling to help you choose the course that's best for you. We will work with you by reviewing your interests, career goals, English level and academic background to help you decide on the right course.
    • Prepare and submit the application form or credit transfer application form for you.
    • As Registered Migration Agents, we can prepare and submit your student visa application for you and liaise on your behalf with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • Why should I use Dragon Gate Migration to act as my education agent
    • The education agents at Dragon Gate Migration have worked at various educational institutions, including Australian universities, and therefore, have inside knowledge of how the Australian education system works.
    • Dragon Gate Migration is also a migration agency and the education agents are also registered migration agents and, therefore, are best equipped to help you with your student visa application also.
    • Dragon Gate Migration also offers IELTS preparation courses run by experienced IELTS assessors.
    • Our education agents have experience in working as education counsellors.
  • I would like to study a course that can help me get Permanent Residency (PR). Which course do you suggest

    The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) may change by the time you apply for PR. Therefore, Dragon Gate Migration cannot guarantee that your course will be on the SOL at the time you lodge your application for PR. We strongly encourage you to study a course that you are interested in or will help to further your skills in your chosen career.

  • Can dragon gate migration act as my education agent even if I am not in Australia

    Yes, absolutely. We can communicate with you via email or Skype while you are outside Australia.

  • Can i apply to extend my student visa What if my student visa has expired

    As Registered Migration Agents, Dragon Gate Migration can help you with applying for all your student visas. It is important to apply for a new student visa before your current student visa expires.

  • Can I use my previous IELTS score when applying for a new course

    If your IELTS score has not expired, then yes, you can. Please note some institutions may not require you to sit another IELTS test if you have studied at an Australian education institution, they will require you to provide your academic transcript instead.

  • What happens if I do not meet the minimum entry requirements for the course

    Our education agents at Dragon Gate Migration are well-qualified and knowledgeable about the entry requirements. You will be advised if you do not meet the minimum entry requirements and we will provide you with quality education counselling and advice to help you choose a course that will meet your skills, abilities and relevant study options to help you meet your goals. These may include foundation classes, English classes or Diploma courses.

  • When do I have to pay my tuition fees

    When you receive your letter of offer, most institutions require you to pay the first 6 months of your tuition fees. Once you have paid the first 6 months, then you will be provided with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter and can begin your visa application process.

Employer Service

  • What is ANZSCO and why is it important

    ANZSCO is the established dictionary of all identified occupations in Australia. The Department of Immigration uses the ANZSCO list to determine whether an applicant for a visa meets the minimum threshold criteria for visa grant. It is vitally important to the sponsorship process as a lot of applications are refused because the Department is not satisfied that either the worker has the skills to perform the occupation nominated or that the occupation nominated is not genuinely required. We can help by working with your recruitment process to ensure the occupation advertised is the appropriate one and that the applicant has the requisite skills to qualify.

  • I have had employees on working visas for some time – can they transition to permanent visas

    The eligibility of an employee to transition to a permanent visa comes down to whether that individual meets the permanent visa requirements. We can provide advice on each employee's eligibility and manage the process of their transition to PR efficiently.

  • I need help recruiting offshore workers – can you help

    Yes, we can work with you and your recruitment agencies to ensure that any candidates are vetted for eligibility under Australia's immigration framework. This can save you a lot of time and disruption later on when candidates turn out to not meet all of the criteria for visa grant.

  • How long does the process take

    It depends on the type of visa applied for and the country of origin of the worker. Higher risk countries and permanent visa applications do take longer. Temporary visas are usually granted in a matter of weeks while the permanent visas may take over 3 months. Using a professional can ensure that the process doesn't take any longer than it should.

  • Do I need to worry about monitoring my employees’work rights

    Yes. It is very important to ensure all of your non-citizen employees have visas that allow them to work in Australia. The penalties can be harsh and it does not matter if the business management “knew” or not. It is incumbent on the business to ensure all employees meet the immigration requirements, so that means regularly checking their visa status. You can do that using the Department of Immigration's portal called ‘VEVO'.

  • What are my options to sponsor someone

    The quick answer is there are 3 different main visas that you can sponsor a foreign worker. There are many others that relate to short stay work (eg. 3 months).

    1. working Visa
    This is the most popular visa which is a temporary visa valid up to 4 years. However it does come with some employer obligations and compliance costs.

    2. 186 Visa
    This is a permanent visa similar to the working visa but requires the migrant to have a higher level of experience and English skills. Similar compliance costs apply.

    3. 187 Visa
    This is a permanent visa for workers located in a regional area. This visa has many advantages including lower compliance costs and less stringent eligibility criteria.

  • Can I access a labour agreement

    A labour agreement is a negotiated agreement between an employer and the federal Government. It is a viable route for many businesses who have a significant number of workers that are needed. For example if a construction business won a contract for a large body of work and required a significant influx of workers, a labour agreement would likely be suitable to ensure the business can access the workers it needs, when it needs them. If you have a need for a large body of work to be filled with foreign workers, contact us on how we may proceed with your application.

  • Can’t i just do it myself

    It is perfectly viable to apply for sponsorship and nominate a position yourself. However, we have seen many cases where employers have had refusals or fallen foul of their obligations later on with disastrous consequences for the migrant as well as the disruption to the business of the employer. If you are at all unsure of the processes, the laws and how you are eligible for sponsorship, use a professional to be on the safe side and minimise the risk to your business.

  • Why do I need professional advice

    Employing foreign workers comes with some responsibilities. The penalties for not fulfilling your obligations under immigration law can result in expensive fines and possibly cancellation and barring of sponsorship. We can explain what your obligations are and help you set up systems and processes to ensure you are always compliant.


  • Why should I do my IELTS Preparation with Dragon Gate Migration

    Dragon Gate Migration can help you have access to important knowledge about IELTS and be taught the relevant skills and techniques you need to get the best IELTS result you can.

  • What skills will the IELTS Preparation classes help me to develop

    The IELTS Preparation classes run by Dragon Gate Migration will focus on all four macro skills assessed by the IELTS test, ie reading, writing, listening and speaking. To obtain a good IELTS test score you need to not only have a good command of the English language, but also to have certain skills and techniques, such as time management, efficient reading, un-packing the question, etc…At Dragon Gate Migration, all these techniques will be taught by experienced IELTS assessors.

  • Will the IELTS Preparation classes improve my English level

    The IELTS Preparation classes are designed to help you get the best IELTS score possible. The focus of the classes will be teaching the skills and techniques needed to complete the IELTS test. There will be some teaching of English as a Second Language. However, the classes are not designed to be English language classes. It is strongly recommended that you attend English language classes before or in conjunction with Dragon Gate Migration IELTS preparation classes if you believe that you do not have the English language level required to gain the IELTS score you need.

  • Do the IELTS Preparation classes guarantee that I will get the IELTS score I need Are the classes sufficient preparation for the IELTS test

    Dragon Gate Migration guarantees that it will teach you the skills and techniques you will need to effectively complete the IELTS test. It is important that you practice the skills and techniques taught in the classes in your own time to ensure that you give yourself the best opportunity to gain the best possible IELTS score.

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