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As a newcomer to Australia, your resume and cover letter may be the most important thing you own. And do not forget about your LinkedIn Profile!

Resume format and content can be very different from one culture to another. Standard things like the personal information you include, how you express experience, and the language you use, can immediately tell a potential employer that you are very new to Australia.

We also offer professional help. Unlike resume writing services for Australians, we focus on the needs of new migrants entering the workforce.

Whether you are applying for a job from outside Australia, or have recently arrived and started your job search, without local experience you must stand out from other applicants through your work history and education.

You may be an international student who needs a resume for part-time work or an internship, or you may be a recent graduate looking for your first Australian job. Our professional writer will create a strong resume based on your education and any past experience have had.

Our Pricing in Australian Dollars

Entry-level Resume (no work experience) $180

Professional Resume  (roles up to senior management) $330

Executive Resume  (senior management and higher roles) $550

LinkedIn Profile (price depends on the number of jobs to be highlighted) $220-$550

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