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Parent Visa

This Australian visa is for the parent of someone who is a permanent citizen of Australia at the time the visa as sent in for assessment. If your child is a permanent resident, said child should have at least two years of residency before this Australian visa can be given. However, the length of time required for a child's parents to be given this parent visa may be shortened under special and compelling circumstances.

For parents to be given the Parent Visa the following need to be shown

  • Half of your kids are citizens of Australia or permanent residents. They can also be eligible NZ citizens who reside in Australia.
  • A majority of your children are residents of Australia than in any other country.

When applying for this Australian visa, you can bring your partner along with other family members that are considered dependents so long as they fulfil given legal requirements.


This Parent visa is temporary and is valid for two years from the date given although steps can be taken to go for the permanent Parent visa (Subclass 103).

How it works

As mentioned, this is so parents can join their kids for a temporary or permanent basis should they decide to do so after the 2 years validity of the temporary visa is over. For sponsors, you have to provide a written proof that you can support, house, and assist the parent for whom the visa is to be granted. You have to make sure that you can provide enough proof that you can do such things for their first 2 years in the country under the temporary visa.

Applicants need to show proof of their kids' eligibility to sponsor them and they are the ones to complete the application process with the use and presence of all supporting documents. However, just because the visa is good for two years doesn't mean parents who are handed the visa need to stay in the country for that amount of time. They are free to leave if pursuing a permanent visa is not in the cards for them.


  • The sponsor must complete all the necessary forms and the same goes for the applicant.
  • There are some fees involved which range from medical exam fees to application fees and these are usually shouldered by the applicant
  • Costs for translation of documents are also usually shouldered by the applicants.

Parent Visas

There are currently two main Parent Visa options, the Non-Contributoy and the Contributory Parent Visas and these can be applied for either Onshore or Offshore. These visas enable parents to migrate to Australia to live closer to their children. As with all visas applications there are a range of selection criteria that must be met, these and other factors may influence your choice of visa.

In June 2014 the Australian government withdrew several visa options: the non-contributory parent visa, as well as some family visas (Non-contributory Parent, Carer, Last Remaining Relative, Aged Dependent). However, this decision was reversed on 25 September 2014, when a motion to disallow the cessation of these visas was successful and the Non-Contributory Parent and Other Family visas (Carer, Last Remaining Relative, Aged Dependent), were re-opened. Please note that this may only be for a limited period of time should the government seek to close them again.

Please feel welcome to Contact us to discuss how we might assist your needs.

This page provides a brief overview of the visas available

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria for all Parent Visa applications include that the "balance of family" test be met, based upon the countries of residency of the applicant's 'eligible' children (NB includes adopted/step-children) in Australia. Plus, the parent's sponsoring child must be a "settled" permanent resident of Australia.

Do you meet the 'balance of family' and 'settled' tests? If not see below as there may be other Visa options.

Visas for Parents & Family

Leaving parents, family and friends behind is one of the hardest parts of migrating. Whilst Skype and Emails may be really useful communications tools, they cannot replace actual contact. Plus, we may want our parents closer so that we can care for them as they get older.

As with several visas classes the parent visas are subject to yearly quota's and applicants are placed within a queuing system. The demand and limited number of places has resulted in current waiting periods for the Contributory Parent visas, from 18 months to 2 years.


  • Balance of Family test ie: at least half of your children are 'eligible children' (Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens) resident within Australia, or there are more "eligible children" than there are children living in any other single country.
  • Require Sponsorship and an Assurance of Support from a child “settled” in Australia
  • Applicants must satisfy Health and Character requirements
  • A decision to refuse to grant a parent visa can be reviewed.

Consider options for parents well in advance

There is no lower age limit for parent visas, therefore given the time factors involved it makes sense to develop a strategy and plans well in advance. Many people do not consider a parent visa until the parent is in need of their support.

Visas options available

NB: Where eligible aged parents may be able to apply for their visa whilst in Australia.

  • Contributory Parent no lower age limit, must be applied for offshore
  • Contributory Aged Parent the main visa applicant must be over 65 years of age, can be applied for onshore
  • Non-Contributory Parent and Aged Parent the equivalent of the above but without the high application cost, note these visas may potentially be ceased again, see above discussion

Pros & Cons

The positives and negatives of each visa option should be weighed up against the individuals circumstances. For example:

  • Subject to eligibility some visas can be applied for onshore, permitting the parent can remain in Australia whilst awaiting the visa.
  • The length of wait for a visa.
  • Individual's circumstances may change over time.
  • Will the applicants still meet the health requirement by the time the visa is granted.

Not eligible for a parents visa

You may be eligible for another visa type in your own right?

Depending upon your age skilled, employer or business visas. There is an investor retirement visa option, which may be useful if you wish to live with your family in Australia but they do not currently meet the sponsorship requirements.

Longer Tourist Visas for Parents

Parents of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents may be eligible to apply for an extended Tourist visa of up to 5 years providing stays of up to 12 months within an 18 month period. As with all visas selection criteria and the visa conditions attached to the visa mean that this option should be balanced against the longer term aims of the individual. Condition 8558 is generally attached to this visa and to prevent de facto residence which can cause the visa to cease or be cancelled as appropriate to the legislation should the holder breach the condition by remaining longer than 12 months.

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